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CONTRACT FOR SPACE Applicants for exhibit space are required to forward a formal
application to CEPI management with a listing of all materials that will be displayed at
the booth. No application will be considered unless accompanied by 50% of the exhibit
space rental fee.

The formal notification of booth space assignment and acceptance of full payment by NEA
management constitutes a contract for the right to use this space. Full payment for space
must be received within 20 days of notification of space assignment.

Expo hours will be as follows:

  • June 30, 2018, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • July 1, 2018, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Exhibits should be attended at all times during Expo hours by persons who are well
prepared to discuss effectively all products and services. All booths must be carpeted or
have some type of floor covering that meets fire marshal standards.

INSTALLATION AND DISMANTLING Installation and dismantling hours will be
specified in the Exhibitor Service Manual to be provided by ExpoPlus. Any space not
claimed and occupied by 7 am, June 30, may be reassigned without refunding any portion
of the rental fee. The exhibitor expressly agrees not to dismantle the exhibit or to do any
packing before the final closing hour of the Expo at 5 pm on July 1. All exhibits must be
removed by 12 pm, July 2 All exhibit spaces must be fully carpeted or have flooring. If not,
carpet will be laid at the exhibitor’s expense.

LOCATION OF EXHIBITS Exhibit placement is determined on the basis of the date
of receipt of application, exhibitor proximity request, past history of exhibiting with
management, and the amount of space required. THE NEA EXPO 2018 will be held
at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. All measurements have been
shown on the Expo diagram as accurately as possible, but exhibit management reserves
the right to make any modifications necessary to adjust the floor plan to meet the needs
of exhibitors, management, and agencies responsible for fire regulations and building

CASH SALES Cash sales are permitted in the Expo. Licenses to sell, payment of sales tax
and other legal business requirements are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Purchasers
of goods must be furnished with a bill of sale or appropriate receipt. Receipts must be
provided for mail order sales where cash deposits are required. Food may not be sold
without the written authorization of management. No items promoting alcohol, tobacco
use or drug abuse may be sold.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SAMPLING No sample food or beverage products may be
distributed without the written authorization of management.

own meetings that all premiums and merchandise sold to members or used as giveaways
be union made. While NEA does not require its exhibitors to sell or give away only
union-made products, such efforts are greatly appreciated. If union-made products are
not available, preference should be given to products made in the U.S.A. There will be
no drawings or prize giveaway announcements, with the exception of NEA giveaways.
Exhibitors cannot require NEA delegates to be present at prize drawings or giveaways in
order to win. If conducting a raffle or giveaway, exhibitors should collect the appropriate
contact information to notify winners. Exhibitors should post drawing times and winners’
names at their booths, and should also provide in writing to management the winners’
names, contact information, and related prizes.

MEDIA No exhibitor may photograph, take video footage, or make recordings of any
type in the Expo or inside the convention center without the express consent and written
approval of management show management or NEA. Exhibitors agree that photos taken
by NEA or show management maybe used for promotional purposes only.

USE OF SPACE The primary purpose of the Expo is as set forth in the GENERAL
PURPOSE STATEMENT. All demonstrations, sales, or other forms of activities, must
be confined to the exhibit booth. Exhibitors shall not assign, share or sublet any space
allotted without the written consent of exhibit management. No interference with the
space, light or view of other exhibitors will be permitted. No exhibit may exceed 8 feet in
height, with the exception of island spaces 20’ x 20’ or larger, unless approved by exhibit
management. Booth walls, side dividers and exhibits are limited to 4 feet in height for the
first 5 feet from the aisle (half of total booth depth). For island spaces of 20’ x 20’ or more,
booth construction is limited to 15 feet in height. Any banners or other signage must be
made of fireproof material and must be hung by qualified personnel covered by appropriate
insurance. Unfinished display surfaces are not permitted for any booth, and finishing of
such surfaces will be ordered by exhibit management at the exhibitor’s expense.

CARE OF BUILDING AND EQUIPMENT The exhibitors or their agents must not injure
or deface the walls or floors of the building, the booths, or booth equipment. If defacement
or damage occurs, the exhibitor is liable to the owner of the property for cleaning and/or
repairs. Combustible materials or explosives are not permitted in the convention center.

FIRE PROTECTION Exhibitors must comply with city fire regulations. All materials used
in decoration must be flameproof. Exhibits may not have closed ceilings. Electrical wiring
must conform with National Electrical Code Safety Rules. If inspection indicates that any
exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations or otherwise incurs fire hazards,
exhibit management reserves the right to cancel all or such part of the exhibit that may be
out of compliance.

CANCELLATION Any Exhibitor who decides to cancel or downsize booth space must notify the Show Manager in writing. The percentage of fees to be forfeited will be determined by how
much in advance of the exposition opening this notice is received.
• 25% Cancellation more than 180 days prior to opening
• 50% Cancellation 120 to 180 days prior to opening
• 100% Cancellation fewer than 120 days prior to opening

RESTRICTIONSManagement reserves the right to deny any and all applications. Applicants
must adhere to NEA policies and regulations on nondiscrimination. Applications may
be denied because a proposed exhibit would not be in keeping with NEA’s standards,
would be disruptive or offensive. In addition, applications may be denied based on the
following: (a) The applicant refuses to submit sample materials to be used at the booth for
management review; (b) The applicant’s materials are deemed to be obscene, distracting
and/or not in keeping with NEA standards; (c) The applicant’s exhibit may interfere with
other applicant’s use of exhibit space or of the Expo; (d) The applicant’s booth activities
may disrupt and/or interfere with the transaction of business; (e) The applicant has been
barred from the Expo for past actions or practices.

With the exception of NEA Affiliates, NEA Recognized Caucuses, or candidates running
for NEA office, the NEA logo or name may not be used without the express written
approval of NEA; nor, with the exceptions noted above, will any exhibitor be permitted
to use exhibit booth space for the express purpose of changing NEA policy. A violation
of these rules could result in removal of said exhibit and jeopardize the exhibitor’s future
right to participate. In addition, exhibit management reserves the right to restrict or remove
exhibits which, because of noise, method of operation, materials, or other infractions of
rules and regulations, become objectionable. Any item, printed matter, photographic or
digital media in any format, persons or conduct considered by management to be offensive
may be restricted or removed. Exhibit management may also restrict or remove any exhibit
which, in the opinion of management, may detract or otherwise disrupt the general
proceedings of the Expo.

Exhibitors are prohibited from using Native American mascots, such as Redskins,
and any derogatory and/or racist images in exhibitors’ exhibits, displays, materials and
handouts. Management reserves the right to restrict or to remove exhibits considered
by Management to be using Native American mascots, derogatory and/or racist images.
Management reserves the right to determine what constitutes a derogatory or racist image.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE The exhibitor agrees to protect, and hold harmless NEA,
CEPI and ExpoPlus from any damage or charges imposed for violation of any law or
ordinance, as well as to comply strictly with the applicable terms and conditions contained
in the agreement between the convention center and management. The exhibitor shall
at all times protect and hold harmless the convention center, NEA and CEPI against
and from all loss, cost or liability arising from or by reasons of the exhibitor’s occupancy
and use of the Expo premises or any part thereof. Management must be provided with a
certificate of insurance from each exhibiting company of no less than one million dollars
comprehensive general liability.

Neither NEA, its officers, staff members nor agents will be responsible for the safety of
the exhibitors, the property of the exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident, or other
causes, but will use reasonable care and take security measures to protect the exhibitors
from such loss. No responsibility is assumed for unpacked materials left in the exhibit area
after the closing hour of the Expo.


BOOTH EQUIPMENT Management strives to produce a professionally designed and
coordinated exhibition. Exhibit management will provide draped booths and company
identification signs for all exhibitors. Back walls of booths are 8 feet high; drapery for
side dividers is 3 feet high. Booths are made of flameproof fabric assembled on aluminum
frames. All booth spaces must be fully carpeted by the exhibiting company occupying the
booth space. Failure to carpet space will result in a forced fee to carpet the booth space
provided by the General Service Contractor.

SECURITY Management will provide necessary security during the hours that the Expo is
closed. However, the exhibitor is solely responsible for its own exhibit materials and should
insure the exhibit against loss or damage.

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